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Dropship - Q & A

DropShip – Q & A
If you have other questions not answered in this Q & A, Please drop us a line to:
contact@wholesalechristiangifts.com , we will reply promptly.

  *Q. Do you "drop ship"?
*A. Yes. We offer “Dropship” program – please review our
     Dropship policy & Terms

  *Q. Do you dropship for Ebay or Amazon or just for ones own website?
*A. We will dropship for any account.

  *Q. What is your procedure for setting up an account?
*A. Please Open Dropship Account here We will assign your company an account number
 with your first order.   At this time we will ask for your bank and credit card information.

  *Q.Do you ship from the United States?
*A. All shipments are from our warehouse in New Jersey, USA.

  *Q. Do you DropShip to international locations?
*A. Yes, we DropShip internationally – same terms as USA.

  *Q. what is the time lapse between placing an order and shipping date?
*A. We ship same or next day.

  *Q. Which Carriers you use for shipping?
*A. We ship via USPS, UPS and FedEx.

  *Q. Do you offer Rush (Express) Delivery?
*A. Yes. we offer Ground, Priority with Tracking and Express shipping.
If you will make arrangements with other shipping company, that's ok with us.

  *Q. Do you offer Insurance with shipping?
*A. If you wish to insure your package, please let us know on the "Comments"
space of your order.

  *Q. Do you offer specific packages of products, or can we choose
the products we would like for our catalogue?

A. You may choose any product or any Product Category from our website,
or, create your own package from our inventory of over 400 Christian and Jewish

  *Q. Can we have our company address on the Shipping Labels?
*A. We use your company name and address on the shipping labels. (Blind Shipping)

  *Q. What about returns?  Will the item be returned directly to you or will they
be returned to our company?

*A. It is your choice; if your customer wishes to return an item, you may direct him/her
to send it to us directly (Your company name with our address), or have it shipped to you.
We will issue a refund for the item cost to your credit company account.
If the item is damaged, direct your customer to send the item back to our address for exchange.
 (There will be no charge for second shipping).

  *Q. Is a return authorization number needed for returns?
*A. Send us an e-mail to let us expect the return. No need for special numbers

  *Q. Do you send invoice with every package?
*A. No. We do not send an invoice. If you wish to send an invoice with your package,
please send a copy of your invoice with your order.

  *Q. What about other promotional material?
*A. We do not send ANY material from our company!!!
If you wish for us to enclose your company material, we will gladly do so.
Please send us your material by snail mail with your instructions. 

  *Q. Can we place our orders by phone?
*A. Yes. You may call us with your order details but, we ask you to also send us
an e-mail with your order details.

  *Q. Do you communicate with our customers?
*A. NO! We do not communicate with your customers.

  *Q. Do you provide the graphics, text?
*A. ALL content included text, graphics, logos and images are copyrighted by
HolyLandNetwork © 1997.  All products which are represented or sold by you
using our images and or description must be purchased only from
WholesaleChristianGifts.  Read our Image Usage and Copyright Policy

  *Q. Do you provide CSV list (Data Spreadsheet) of all your products?
*A. Yes. Please send us an e-mail requesting our CSV products List. 

*Q. Do you provide "Products Update" when a product is out of stock or discontinued?
*A. Yes. we will send you an e-mail when a product is either Discontinued,  Change in Product
or Temporarily Out of Stock.

  *Q. Do you provide pre-template website with your products?
*A. No. but if you need a web programmer/designer - we recommend our web programmer;
Send us your name, phone number and your website address - Our programmer
will contact you to give you free consultation. 

  *Q. Is there a minimum purchase amount that you will accept?
*A. No.

  *Q. Do you have a fee per order?
*A. A handling fee of a $1.00 per Shipping-Address (not item) will be added
to your dropship price.

  *Q. Do you have (charge) any monthly subscription fees?
*A. No.

  *Q. Do you offer discounts?
*A. All "On Sale" and "Discounted" items that are offered to wholesale
purchase - Apply to Dropship orders also. 

  *Q Do you charge Sales Tax?
*A. No. As long as it is not required by law to charge sales tax -
we do not collect sales tax.

  *Q. Do you charge a Restocking Fee for returned items?
*A. No

  *Q. After opening an account with you, how long do we have to
wait to before starting to sell?

* A. You can start selling immediately.

  *Q. Why is there a sale price, and then a dropship price which is more expensive?
*A. Please review our Dropship terms here: 
When you purchase products with Dropship, You have no minimum quantity and no minimum order.
The sale price is a wholesale price with minimum order of $250.00 and minimum products quantity.

  *Q. f I already have a Dropship Account can I also have a Wholesale Account?
*A. Yes. It's easy. Open a new account (with a different e-mail address)
and check "Wholesale Account".  Open Wholesale Account
Please read our Wholesale Terms here: Wholesale Terms and Conditions


If you have other questions not answered in this Q & A, Please drop us a line to:
contact@wholesalechristiangifts.com , we will reply promptly.

We are excited about working with you and would make every effort
to make it rewarding for your company.

ounded in 1997, HolyLandNetwork commitment
to highest quality of hand-made products from the Holy Land has developed
into a substantial inventory of diversified line of products.
Our pledge to service and quality is reflected in our products, our dedicated
customer service and our many satisfied customers.
Please contact us today to discuss how Holy Land products
can enhance and benefit your business.

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