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Swift Lite Charcoal Tablets
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Swift Lite Charcoal Tablets

Product No: 7IN-11
On Sale Now: $19.99  $16.99
You Save Additional: $3.00
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* Sugg. Retail: $4.00 a Roll | $25.00 a box
Product Details
10 Tablets in a Roll -  10 Rolls of Tablets in a Box (10x10=100 Tablets)
 Sugg. Retail: $4.00 a Roll   |  $25.00 a box
Charcoal Tablets Size: 1.1/2" diameter - each.
Made in England

Swift Lite Charcoal tablets are self-lighting and long-burning.
A quality, European product designed for total satisfaction.
The charcoal tablets are pressed to make a clean, non-crumbly,
and non-exploding tablet for incense burning.
The tablets are packed in a rolls of 10 and are sealed in air tight
 pack in order to maintain an efficient combustion.

* To Use:
 Remove a tablet from the sealed roll and place in a censer or heat proof dish.
Light the edge of the tablet with a match.
The tablet will light across its surface with an even heat and will remain
hot consistently for around an hour.

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